final resting place?
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Okay, my girlfriend, while walking the dog, found 3 odd boxes...

It turns out they are the cremated remains of some folks.

She had seen a local homeless guy placing them next to a neighbors trash.

They've been out all night so she picked 'em up.

one has a cemetery sticker on it, what should we do with these?

Who do we contact?
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yikes...yeah, the cemetery would know what to do...some localities treat creamains as a biohazard, so the cemetery will know how to handle them. When mom died we had to sign a bunch of papers about how they had to be dealt with and what sortsof things you could do with them.

I wouldn't suggest calling the cops or anything, when I was a 9-1-1 dispatcher if someone had called with something like this, we'd have had no clue what to do.

So yeah, cemetary, mortuary, those guys will have a clue.
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The cemetery or the health department, whichever you can more easily get hold of by phone.
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Maybe they've been stolen. I'd call the police.
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Police non-emergency line?
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I agree, call the police, they were likely taken during a burglery.
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Or were dumped. There was a lawsuit I remember referenced in some forensic anthropology book, where cremains were found dumped by the side of the road and the family sued. Though in that case he worked out that one (?) of the boxes found was not the person whose name was on the label, and that the funeral home was re-using the temporary cardboard storage boxes to dispose of "junk" ashes when cleaning out the ovens. So you might have found some garbage.
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some localities treat creamains as a biohazard

FWIW, there's nothing dangerous in cremains. I wouldn't eat them, but...they're not poisonous. People throw out cremated remains all the time. Folks find the boxes in ditches or dumpsters and call our funeral home pretty regularly. There's no law against throwing away the last mortal remains of your loved one. If there's a funeral home name on the boxes, that's your first call. They can contact the family (but boy...that's an awkward call), and get further information. I guess it's possible that they're stolen, but that seems unlikely. I'm not sure the police would get involved. Unless they were stolen, there's no real crime.
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