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Sweaterfilter: Men's side button collar sweater. Buttons from the shoulder to the neck. Saw them everywhere in France. Can't find them ANYWHERE online. Why are they so hard to find?
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Mexx.com has been selling them for at least the last couple of years but now they are only featuring the spring lines online (so no sweaters). My local stores have some in the sale sections. The whole asymetrical neck line thing has been pretty popular for several years.
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I've only seen those sold for women in U.S. stores. You may have to go online.
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I'd suggest H&M during the winter. I've owned 4 (2 were with zippers though) and three of them were from H&M. The other was from Armani Exchange.
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Best answer: Are you referrring to Breton sweaters, like these?
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Response by poster: That would explain their frequency in France. Score!
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If he wears a medium, I'd gladly mail him the one I bought last fall; it's dark blue. I found it at a thrift store and thought it looked pretty snappy on me. I wore it out to dinner one night and saw a guy wearing the exact same sweater. He was thin, hip, and had a bevy of women crowded around him. The sweater looked great in action--instant validation that I had bought the right piece. I assumed the magic sweater would look just as good on me. When I got home and gave myself a once-over in the mirror, I realized the other guy looked too good in the sweater and on me it looked more like a plush sausage casing. Fail. Now I only wear sweaters that look like they came from Mr. Rogers' estate sale. If you MeFi mail me an address I'll shoot it over.
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Correction: it's a small
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