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Can I filter out previously posted URIs from a delicious RSS feed for a specific tag?

I'm subscribed to a handful of delicious RSS feeds for certain tags. While the signal to noise ratio isn't great, I do see about a dozen things on each feed that is something I would have missed otherwise. However, most of the stuff that I see on a daily basis (over 200 posts) are URIs I know have been posted before. I estimate I can easily cut in half the stuff I don't want to see if there was a feed that only included a URI that was completely new to delicious. Is there any way to do this? Is there a yahoo pipes for this? Something else I should look into (aside from roll my own aggregator and filter manually)? Thanks!
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We're thinking about including a de-duplicate option for tag pages/feeds in the future...but for now, you can use a Yahoo! Pipe to do this.

Here are a few Pipes that could help you make the one you want: Master List ("Takes your Del.icious links, your network's links, and the most popular links on, merges them together, and filters out all duplicated URLs"), Tag Masher - 5 Tags ("This pipe combines any 5 tag feeds into one and filters out non-unique items"), and Delicious Duplicate Remover ("Grabs a tag feed from delicious and removes any duplicates").
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Thanks. This is a step in the right direction, but I still see things posted today that are several months if not a year old and since it's only appearing in the feed just this one time now, I'm still going to see something I've read that was probably posted to delicious a dozen times when it was first posted a while ago.

Translation: Your de-duplicate option will be awesome!
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Hmm, would you be more interested in an option to de-duplicate posts, or an option to only see items that were first posted within the past day or so? We've received requests for both, and I call the second one "fresh only" (like the "fresh only" view of the Popular page).

Here are some related threads on the Delicious support forum: Sort by number who have bookmarked, Sorting by "recent" in basic search, Search in the new Delicious. Those threads talk more about the search feature than the tag feed feature, but in some ways we see the pages as really just a specific kind of search.

You might also want to add your feature request(s) to those threads, to help us collect ideas about future features in something of a centralized place. :)
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Actually, I'd like to only see entries (URIs) that have never been posted to Delicious before. Or, ideally, in the case of the feed for a tag, I'd like to see entries that have never been posted to Delicious before without that specific tag. I'll go post on your forums, thanks!
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