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Where can I find a cheap, tiny TV in NRW, Germany?

I'm in Germany (in NRW, about an hour or so from Düsseldorf), and I really want to watch German television. I think it would do wonders for my comprehension skills. Unfortunately, I have a bandwidth limit in my apartment--no streaming channels for me!

My apartment is several floors up and a decent hike away from the nearest bus stop. I am also a wimp. Therefore, I need the TV to be tiny. Since I am moving back to the US in several months, I don't want the TV to be really expensive. My goal is roughly 20-30 Euro.

What kinds of places should I look? Is there a Goodwill or Salvation Army-type store that I should check out? So far, I haven't had luck at my local flea market. Also, Saturn's TVs are ridiculously out of my range.

If anyone could supply and search terms or store chains, that would be wonderful!

Thanks in advance. :)
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you wont have any luck finding many charity shops here in germany, craigslist is pretty unknown here too but have a look anyway.
If you go to media markt, they often have good offers on electronic devices. Check on their website beforehand, though.
Your best bet is probably still ebay.de im afraid!
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You could try to buy a USB-stick with DVB-T, which is digital 'through the air' television, and watch things on your computer. They are by far the cheapest option, when it comes to buying something new.
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If you don't mind chasing around a bit try freecycle:

a telly is listed from a month ago. (yahoo account poss. needed.)
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I'd recommend getting a DVB-T adapter too, you won't be able to receive too many channels, but it would be an easy and cheap solution. Check this site for the channels available in your region.

A few websites you can check: kijiji, quoka, local24

You can also check regional newspapers, usually there's a classifieds section in them (once or twice a week). Maybe there's also a dedicated paper for classifieds, here in Bavaria we have one called Kurz&Fündig, there might be something similar available in NRW, just ask a friendly neighbour or a kiosk vendor for details on where and when to look.

special offer: I have a 90cm diagonal CRT TV in my basement, you can have it for free, just come to Munich and carry the 100kg mofo up the stairs ;)
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