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Where can I find the best graffiti in Paris?

It's pretty simple. I have a week in Paris and I want to find the best/weirdest/craziest graffiti since I enjoy photographing street art. Where is it (within the city limits)? Metro stops would be helpful to include, please. I'm not afraid of sketchy areas but nothing super dangerous.

I know about the Tag expo at the Grand Palais but I want to see some graffiti in the wild.
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Keep your eyes peeled on the train into the city from Charles de Gaulle airport. I'm not a big graffiti fan, but I can definitely recognize an impressive use of color and type when I see it.
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Thanks...but I'm taking a train from Tours into Paris this weekend-- I've been in France since September. I did spend the entire month in Paris but didn't take the time to do much graffiti discovery.
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Try the stairs - Rue Drevet - between Rue Berthe and Rue des Trois Freres in Montmartre.
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There's an open area right next to the Bir-Hakeim station surrounded by walls covered with great pieces and tags, new and old.
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Does Jim Morrison's grave count? (beware: vintage 1996 web design)
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Rue Pierre au lard.
Centre culturel suisse. (Same alleyway.)
Rue Notre Dame de Bonne nouvelle.
Rue Charles V.
Also Rue Charles V.
As usual: walk. Keep your eyes open.
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