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I have created a website and software that I would like to promote and market. What are some creative ways to drive more traffic to my website and get people to buy my software? How does one go about getting write-ups in industry trade mags, ezines, and blogs? I am interested in learning more about ethical SEO, PR Campaigns, Affiliates, Guerilla Marketing, etc. If you created a piece of software, how would you get the word out?
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What does your software do? Is it very niche?
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Danny Sullivan has been the guru of search engine optimization for years. His latest venture, Search Engine Land, is loaded with articles and tips about what is working best these days. Best of luck with your new product.
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our very own mathowie's this is how social media really works is a must read.

really, at this point in the web's history, most everyone who is into seo and social media marketing is a douchebag, avoid them and avoid doing what they do. make a better mousetrap and all that.
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I'm with devnull on this. Good marketing is always very niche. You need to determine who your prime audience is and specialize your approach. Of course, this is assuming your software will actually appeal to somebody. The first step is obviously to create something that has inherent value.

Beyond that, it's very difficult to answer this without knowing what it is.
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As far as blogs go, just email people to let them know you exist. Most blogs accept tips and story suggestions.

I'm with hamandcheese though, it'd be easier to help you out if you could let us know what the software does.
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