How to send & delete photos from an LG enV2 with a dead screen
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How would one perform functions such as sending and erasing pictures on an LG enV2 with a dead interior screen?

My boyfriend has an LG enV2. Yesterday he found that the interior screen is dead - apparently this is a notorious defect on this particular phone. It's still under warranty; however, there are pictures and videos on the phone he would like to save and erase before he turns it in to the store for repair or replacement. With the dead inner screen, he's going to have to perform these functions blind. What would be most helpful here is for someone who happens to own an enV2 to open up their phone and run through the functions. He wants to try to do the following - send pictures (he won't know which ones they are - he's just going to send them to me randomly) send videos, erase pictures, and erase videos.

He doesn't have a micro SD card, but I recommended he get one and transfer his data. However, that's still going to be a blind fumble with a blank interior screen.
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Your best bet is probably going to be using Bitpim. You can grab stuff via USB or Bluetooth.
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Best answer: Here you go!

Sending photos:

With the QWERTY pad open and facing you:

1) Press the "Camera" button on the top right of the phone to activate the camera.

Wait 5 seconds for camera to load.

2) Left soft key (Activates "My Pics")
3) Right soft key ("Options")
4) Number 5 ("Manage My Pics")
5) Right soft key ("Options")
6) Number 5 ("Mark All")

Wait 5 seconds for a dialog to disappear.

7) Left soft key ("Send")
8) Number 1 ("As picture message")
9) Type in the phone number/email address for photos to be sent to
10) OK
11) OK again ("Send")

It should send a separate message for each photo which might take forever. I would just leave the thing open. I hope you have unlimited picture messaging/data!

Sending video:

1) OK (menu)
2) 5
3) 2
4) 4
5) Right soft key
6) 5
7) Right soft key
8) 6

Wait for dialog to disappear

9) Right soft key
10) 2 ("send")
11) Type in phone number/email
12) OK
13) OK
14) OK (send)
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Best answer: OK, I have one, but the first thing I'd try is using Bluetooth to pull all the files directly. You can initiate the transfer from the computer side and just pull everything you can see.

Meanwhile, the options you want are:
1. open it up, hit the OK button twice to go to the Media Center.
2. Hit 2 for Picture and Video.
3. Hit 3 for My Pictures
4. Hit the right button under the screen for Options.
5. Hit 1 for Send.
6. Hit 1 for Picture Message, 2 for Online Album, 3 for Bluetooth.
7. Type in the address, hit OK
8. Hit OK to send
9. Wait a little while...

To delete, repeat steps 1-3 above, but press the LEFT button under the screen and then hit OK.
This will leave you with the next picture highlighted, and you can start from Step 4 above.

I don't have any videos, but it seems like it'd be a similar process, the only difference is that you hit 4 for My Videos in step 3 above. I will record one and try it, but this is something to get you started in the meantime.
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OK, I tried it. For video, just do the steps above, but hit 4 instead of 3 in Step 3.

Good luck! Try Bluetooth first!
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Best answer: And one last one, to move photos to a micro SD card:

OK > 5 > 2 > 3 > Right softkey > 5 > Right soft key > 5 > wait 5 sec > right soft key > 2 > 1 ("move to card") > OK ("confirm")
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Response by poster: AWESOME! Thank you very much.
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