Bald male skin care
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Bald male looking for scalp/face care. Not vain, but my scalp is looking mottled, uneven. I'm told that men's skin is different from womens. What can I use to protect/and look better on top, and on my face/eyes?
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Depending on where you are, you might want to stop in at a Kiehl's store and ask them to recommend some of their skin care products for men.
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moisturizer with sunscreen
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second the recommendation to stop in at a kiehl's store, if there's one near you—they have lots of great unfussy products and will work with you to find what you need.

if you can't get to one, at the very least you should get yourself a good moisturizer with spf 15 to 30 to use on your face and scalp every single day. the anthony logistics for men moisturizer has really good reviews on sephora; i'd also try something from clinique's men's line. if you'd rather go drugstore, try neutrogena men's or aveeno.
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Do you wear hats and sweat a lot? Here's some pictures of mottling and unevenness due to tinea versicolor of the scalp. If this looks familiar, Selsun Blue Medicated will get rid of it fairly quickly.
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