Looking for closed-captioned or subtitled media
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Looking for streaming (or downloadable) closed-captioned or subtitled TV shows and movies, preferably relatively recent and mainstream. Is there a repository of this stuff that I've been missing? I know Hulu has some CC media, but it's very limited.
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I've just been captioning videos this morning! The YouTube subtitler application/page has a long list of streaming videos that are subtitled. The search isn't great however. Google video lets you search for stuff with closed captions but my experinece has been that a lot of it is English content subtitled in other languages. NBC has captioned versions of Heroes supposedly but I had trouble getting it working. If you're a DCMP member it looks like they have a lot of streaming content online, I'm not sure what you need to do to qualify, but it is free. This list has some more stuff, depending on what you're into. It seems like the status of a lot of this is catch as catch can, I'll be interested to see what else people have found.
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I find that recent shows on Fox's website are captioned when streaming.
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Both Crunchyroll and BOST are selling hard-subs, not CC.
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Download episodes/movies and download the subtitles files separately-

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A friend of mine downloads recent tv shows from bittorrent and usenet then uses this to magically find and rename sub titles. It works incredibly well and there is maybe a 1-2 day delay from airing to subs. It's shareware though, I think it's 20 dollars to register after trial.
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I believe you can become a DCMP member simply by sending in a letter saying you're Deaf or HOH; you may need an audiogram as well. It's possible it's limited to students (I know that's when I joined), but I don't recall. That said, the selection is limited, and is mostly either really old stuff, or educational videos.
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ABC's episodes have closed captioning generally a few days after they're put online. I'm fairly sure this is for all of their TV shows, but certainly their more popular ones. Other than ABC and some random ones on Hulu (24, for example), I haven't seen much else.
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