How to fix my record player?
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Lately, my record player (not turntable) of four years hasn't been working correctly. When I turn it on, the platter part of it doesn't start spinning until I give it a slight nudge. Even after doing so, it still doesn't spin at the right speed (33 1/3 sounds more like 45, 45 sounds closer to 78, etc). Is there a relatively easy way to fix this or should I just buy a new one? My current model is really similar to the new 3-in-1 "vintage-style" Crosley.
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Is it a belt-drive? If the belt stretches that can lead to problems with speed.
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What is driving the platter? Belt or wheel? Hive mind needs more info...

Let us know the make & model. Assuming it's a cheap one (like the Crosleys are) consider replacing it with something that's higher-quality.
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There are lots of cheap vintage turntables on eBay, possibly even cheaper than replacing the belt.
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The belt will be wearing out. If it's old, the belt will have lost it's tension.
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Just as a warning, the Crosleys do not work if you lose the remote control. My son got one for Christmas a few years ago and now it is essentially useless.
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I would strongly recommend against buying a turntable on ebay, as they do NOT ship well, and what usually happens is you get a turntable that's broken badly enough not to be worth fixing. Anyone looking for a new (used) turntable should check craigslist. There are usually a decent number of turntables available from people who buy them, clean them up, and resell them in the $50-75 range. This will also mean you won't have to mess with it; it should be properly tuned up and set up already.

As far as the original question, it sounds like a worn-out belt. Check ebay or use google and you should be able to find one. Make sure you get a belt that's intended for that particular make/model; there are tons of sizes out there.
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That Crosley is almost certainly a belt-drive model.

In which case the particular problem you've got is that the little rubber band (the 'belt') that goes around the motor and the spindle on the platter is probably stretched, causing the platter to lag unless it's given some momentum. Have the belt replaced, or replace it yourself; the right kind of rubber band should do it for you.

Of course, you should probably buy a new record player. And, for the record, they're all turntables; it's a synonym.
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Just to give OP the benefit of the doubt, what's the difference in your lexicon between a record player and a turntable?

Second, no idea where you are, but Analogique in New York City is a fine repair shop.
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Response by poster: thanks to all of you for answering my question.

as for the model, i have something really similar (if not the same) as this:

it IS a belt-drive and i've actually attempted to replace it, but i can't seem to figure out how...

oh, and apologies for turntable vs. record mistake. i actually called it a turntable but was corrected by someone else.

i think i'll just go with getting a cheap used one :)
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A record player player includes an amplifier and speakers. It can make sound on its own.

A turntable plugs into an amp.
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