Niece Graduation Gift?
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Eldest niece will graduate High School soon. We aren't particularly close, but I'd like to give her something useful and lasting - any suggestions?
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Maybe something from Etsy. Hand made stuff rock.
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I still use a nice backpack I got for high school graduation 13 years ago. The regular school type backpack, not a camping pack.
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A blank book for journaling. All sorts of pretty/funky covers are available. If she doesn't do it already, maybe this will encourage her to start. Tell her it's just like updating her MySpace page only more private.
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Not particularly thrilling, but I got a nice set of luggage that I used for almost 10 years after graduation. It took me to Europe and across the country. If you can't do a set, just one really well made carry-on size piece would be ideal.
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echoing kimdog - my luggage was the best gift my father ever got me.
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Don't know if you've seen any these:

Also previously
The return of previously
The son of previously
Previously's revenge
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I got a monogrammed luggage-quality duffel bag from my grandmother when I graduated 16 years ago. I still have it and I still use it.
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Can you take her on a trip, like to an artsy or historical city near you for a weekend?
A camera with a fish-eye lens?
A fountain pen?
A beautiful copy of a book that's meaningful (was she named for a character, for instance?)
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Response by poster: Thank you all.. clearly I had not searched the archives diligently enough - only found suggestions for guys.
Currently thinking a really nice dictionary (I am old-school, what can I say) and a toolkit - maybe tucked in a carryon/duffel/backpack.
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I gave each of my nieces a nice photo frame with their name and year of graduation engraved on it. I got it at one of those engraving booths in a mall. They're sisters and only one year apart in age so I got them both at the same time (and crossed my fingers that the younger actually did graduate the following year!) so they received the same gift.

I've also given a nice engraved pen as a gift and it was well-received. The engraving booth had pens but they were over-priced and not great quality so I bought my own at a stationery store and then just had it engraved. The recipient still uses it a few years later.
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This tends to be a suggestion for guys, mostly, but if I had gotten a leatherman at my graduation (as a girl) I would've absolutely loved it.

For my own graduation, I bought myself a very nice photo album, engraved it with the class year and school name, and filled it with pictures from prom/exam-time/etc. It wasn't that expensive, but I love it.
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Nthing luggage, and a leatherman. I am 21 and I got a great luggage set for my 16th birthday that has served me well, not just for travel but when moving apartments/dorm rooms as well. My dad gave me an old leatherman that I use constantly. Also, if she has a car maybe an air pump/instant battery charger, depending on the dependability of the car and how hands on she is. The alternative to this is a paid year of membership to AAA, which I would have chosen over a picture frame any day.
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Ditto on the luggage. And as for a dictionary, I wouldn't bother- if she's college-bound, she might not have room for one in her dorm room, and given that all computer have spell-checks and online dictionaries, it would probably sit unused.
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Yeah, don't get a dictionary. I just finished college and opened a dictionary maybe twice.
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a really nice dictionary

She'll never use a dictionary. But I like the tool kit idea.

If she's going away to college, maybe a gift card to a store where she can buy stuff for her dorm room.
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If she's going to college, luggage would definitely be useful. Especially one of those weekend rolly bags for when she goes home. Of all my high school graduation gifts, it's the one I still have and use. It was really nice luggage with my initials on it. Also, gift cards to a Target-type store are good.

I used my gift dictionary a little bit, but I'm old school like that. Although, now that the OED is online, I very rarely use it.
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This is simple and cute and has been a hit for my grads.
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Y'know, I LOVE dictionaries and still read them for fun (especially the old American Heritage that someone had given my parents for their wedding and that I kind of "acquired" when I first went off to college), but even I have to agree with the folks saying that maybe a dictionary isn't the best gift right now, given how easy it is to just look up what you need online these days ... having said that, this is probably rather far-fetched but perhaps you could look into footing the bill for her first half-year of internet access in college (erm, assuming she's going to college and assuming she won't be in a dorm that has free internet access in each room)? Okay, that's probably ridiculous but I know I would love getting that from someone now ... thought I'd throw it out just in case =P

Perhaps on a more realistic basis, if she is going to college in the fall maybe you can set her up with some dorm basics - a microwave or hot-plate or some such thing? Failing that, I REALLY like toni_jean's suggestion of getting her a AAA membership - my mom got me one before I went to grad school and I have used it a ridiculous number of times for flat tires and the like.

Failing that, how about some sort of iTunes gift card if she's got an iPod? Or what about one of those personalized throw blankets from Things Remembered? Okay, I know they can be kind of cheesy, but for some reason I keep thinking that in the right circumstances, with the right picture (maybe a map of her hometown? A picture of some place, person, or event that was important to her or to the family overall?), they could be kind of special ...
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Ask her parents, or someone close to her. When one of my nieces graduated from grade eight, my sister told me Becky wanted something I never ever would have thought of: a quilt. A quilt is useful and beautiful and, if used with reasonable care, it'll last a good 20 years, so that was my criteria for a graduation gift all met.

Not that I'm saying you should buy your niece a quilt. My point is more that since you don't know your niece that well, discreetly ask someone who does. It'll still be a surprise.
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I got a monogrammed luggage-quality duffel bag from my grandmother when I graduated 16 years ago. I still have it and I still use it.

I'll second this. This is soo useful in that period of your life. Laundry and moving. It's just so handy. And everything is better obviously when your name is embroidered on it.
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Toolbox - definitely! Nothing else saw quite as much use during my first year of college. Hammer, 6-in-one screwdriver, box cutter, super glue, duct tape, jar of random screws/nails/nuts, picture hanging wire, twine, a good flashlight, extension cords.
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I second the laundry - I'm now almost 30 and a professional; the one gift I received upon graduating from highschool that I still have and use is a monogrammed laundry bag!
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Response by poster: Thanks again.. scratching the dictionary. Clearly, I am so old school that we didn't even have online dictionaries back in my college days. Big rolly, monogrammed duffel is sounding better and better.
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