Best Photography iPhone Apps?
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Looking for good iPhone photography apps.

People like to hate on the iPhone camera but I've seen some good images taken with it. Please recommend the best apps you've seen for photography, image editing, and other picture-related apps for the iphone.
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Response by poster: I'll use my own question to recommend Flickit for putting pictures on Flickr, either from the camera roll or directly.
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I use Mobile Fotos for my iPhone/Flickr use. I'm not blown away with its awesomeness, but it seems to do the job just fine.
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I like CameraBag. It does emulation of a toy cameras, polaroids, b&w, etc. And if you stack the filters, you get even stronger effects.
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Three do it for me - all making the camera behave they way it is - as a relatively low-rez capture device; and not a 10 megapixel camera.

1) CameraBag. God, I love the Holga and Lo-mo looks.
2) QuadCamera. 4-16 shots quickly composited. Loads of fun.
3) Darkroom - a low light iphone camera app that waits for the motion sensor to stop moving to try and limit blur in low light situation.
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Seconding Darkroom... and I know it is recommended by an employee of the NYC 5th Ave. Apple store (and by me, having used it on SO's iphone).
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Seconding CameraBag.
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I recently downloaded FlashReady (simulates flash to brighten dark areas) and Cropulator. I've experimented a bit with both and am happy, though I haven't used them extensively yet.

I've also gotten QuickPic, which lets you use wifi to transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer. I got it for my Linux netbook, which doesn't recognize the iPhone USB-style. The app makes the photo available at a temporary URL; you go there with your browser and download with one click. Has worked so far but would get cumbersome with more than a handful of photos.
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Second to Darkroom and Camerabag and Quadcam.

Adding Pano for astonishingly seamless and fast panoramic stitching, as well as ColorSplash for selective desaturation and Photogene for on-device photo editing.

I also want to mention Memory Tree, a location-aware photo sharing app that I wished more people used. It's worth checking out, and the price is right (as in free).
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I use MobileFotos to browse flickr, and CameraBag on occasion to spruce up photos shot on the camera. Posting to Flickr can be done by email, and is probably the easiest route to take.
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