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What colors go with maroon?

I'm looking to pair a maroon/burgundy-ish top that has black trim with a skirt. I'm looking at this skirt in one of the three colors listed.

I'm really bad when it comes to matching colors, so which one of the three do you think would go best with the top? If none of them do, which colors would?

Thanks so much!
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Go with the brown. Black or grey would probably work too, as would denim, most likely.
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I'd lean toward the brown. Mom always told me that colors look good together that occur together in nature, and if you think of all the fabulous colors of birds and plants that's a good place to start. Another rule of thumb is you can pair any neutral (black, cream, white, grey, khaki, chocolate brown, tweed, etc.) with any single color, or another neutral.
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brown. but it won't look spring-y or summer-y.
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Black would be best, but brown would probably work.
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If the top has black trim, I don't think brown will look too good. It's definitely a better choice than the pink or blue, which are absolutely out. Black would be most likely be best, though. Echoing the trim is often a safe bet if you're not a confident color-coordinator.
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You know, I'd be weird and possibly go the pink:
for example, 1, 2, 3

A dark colour like brown with a dark colour like maroon says I'm fat, don't look at me. But, brown is much better than that blue.
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and this, 4.
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The pink is a warm complementary color to the maroon. Also pale yellow or gold goes quite well with maroon. See here and here.
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Whoa, school colors might be ok for the cheerleaders or marching band but they make a terrible guide for real clothes. Maroon can be warm or cool, if it's warm and brownish could look hideous with that fairly bright candy pink skirt. If the maroon is cooler, like a wine or deep reddish purple, there's a chance it might look fine with the pink, but it's iffy. I still think the brown is safer if you're limiting yourself to those three colors, but if you can match the black that the safest choice of all.
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The denim skirt on that website would look great with maroon but if denim's too casual, a pale-ish or duck egg blue goes beautifully with maroon and burgundy, as does a stone or dark cream.
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Bookwibble - if your top is maroon with black trim then your skirt HAS TO BE BLACK. As cute as the skirts on your Old Navy site are I am sure they have a black skirt that will suit your needs. You do not want to introduce another color to the outfit - it will only take away from the top and make you looked mis-matched.
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I'm horrible at matching colors, too. If your shirt is maroon and black, the only skirt color I would feel comfortable wearing it with is black. (And the blacks have to match, as well. Black can be cool or warm also.)
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Without the trim I'd say grey would be a win, but if it has black trim then definitely black.
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Colour Lovers might be a good site for help.
Try searching through the user-submitted palettes.

Here's one that uses maroon, for example.
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of those three skirt options, i would pick the pink. don't listen to anyone say that it HAS to be any one color or matchy-matchy. unexpected color combinations are good.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I was thinking that brown would look best too, but unfortunately it no longer comes in my size. The pink looked lovely to me, but at the same time I'm also worried about it mismatching.

Specifically I'm looking for an A-line-ish skirt (I'm rather hippy) that doesn't look too casual (so no denim) because I will be wearing this to my graduation. I found one elsewhere that I liked--it's black with some small white trim. Looking at it again, I'd say that my shirt is more of a burgundy, and the trim is near the neck (and it's a V-neck), but I think black would go well.

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I think navy looks lovely with maroon.
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Black is probably a safe bet, though I would be tempted to go for a cream or khaki color to lighten up the outfit. Maybe something like this? I'm not sure how you feel about box pleats but from the photo it has an A-line look. Cream and burgundy with black accents would make a lovely combination.
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