Music from Alexander the Last?
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Does anyone know if the song "New Shoes" from the movie "Alexander the Last" is available for me to buy or listen to online? I am having trouble finding it. I gather that the singer/writer, Jo Schornikow, is in a band called The Shivers, but I cannot find any reference to this song on their pages. Please help!
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Man, this is a tough one. Nothing even remotely having to do with the soundtrack to that movie is anywhere on the internet.

Sorry; usually I'm pretty good at the google, but I can't find shit here.
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You could contact him via his website and ask him?
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paolo nutini has a recent hit called "new shoes" that got a lot of airtime... my sound card is out, so I can't tell if this might be it.
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Response by poster: Just to be clear, the Paolo Nutini song is definitely NOT the song I am looking for. This song is by a woman named Jo Schornikow, and it is super-beautiful and she sings things like "You are wise, you are good, you are kind, you are mine." I may try to email her.
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