Specific Denver/Centennial Restaurant Questions
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I am hunting for two specific restaurants in Denver and Centennial, both based on vague clues from well-intentioned acquaintances. 1: Someone said not to miss a "Mexican Jazz place"? Not Casa Bonita, I think. 2. Around I-25 in Centennial(?): Something pronounced "Ruby Doo's", though I suspect it's something like Rubidoux?

If anyone knows a nicer-than-stripmall-grade place to have dinner in Centennial/Littleton, I would love to hear about that, too.
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Best answer: The Mexican Jazz place is probably El Chapultepec, which is a really cool old-school place that has been around for many years.
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Response by poster: El Chapultepec sounds like the place, yay!
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El Chapultepaec is a great place, but the food isn't the reason to go. Rubidoux is a suburban chain restaurant that serves New Orleans style seafood. It's themed like Landry's. I must say, it's an odd combination of recommendations. They are true opposites. As a Denverite, I'd never send anyone to a chain, because there are great local places to eat here. I don't mean to be snarky, but I'm a bit of a foodie. You want some other ideas?
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If you want something interesting try the Buckhorn. Game meats, pretty unique.
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Response by poster: Carmody, the context for the Rubidoux was I asked a non-foody for something convenient here in Centennial. I will be in Denver proper tomorrow, but need somewhere to eat without a long drive tonight.

That said, I am open to any and all recommendations. Spouse and I are foody-winey.
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Best answer: Rubidoux might be Papadeux.

Fantastic cajun/creole food. Chain shmain. It's awesome!

Order a "swamp thing" and have your spouse drive back.
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Response by poster: Papadeux matches the "just by I-25" part very well. Case closed, thanks all!
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Response by poster: Followup:

Papadeux was fine; perfectly do-able Cajun-ish fish.

Chapultapec was very fun and not-ironically divey, with solid, slammin' blues, and a healthy mix of demographics. Highly recommend. Cash only!

Later: Brunch at Dazzle, on 9th and Lincoln, was fantastic. Donuts and waffles and ham! And twinkies! And bacon...&c. Great music, great space.

Zengo, on Little Raven right by the foot bridge, had good loungy atmosphere and a killer edamame variant, and crispy tofu done just right.
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