Which cheap, wireless laser printer should I buy?
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Which cheap, wireless laser printer should I buy?

We're looking to spend under $150 for the printer, and we'd like something with a low cost-per-page, I think that's probably the most important feature. We're going to use three or four different computers with it, in our home, and it won't print all that much at a time. Speed doesn't matter much. If it worked as a scanner, that would be incredibly useful too, but we're okay with buying a scanner separately if we need to.

We're looking at the Brother HL-2170w right now. It's wireless, 1.4 cents per page in toner, and $110 shipped with great reviews everywhere.


- Cheap, under $150
- Cheap, per page
- Wireless
- Works with Vista and OS X
- Scanner, too, if possible
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Was going to suggest the HL-2170W. I bought one recently and have been happy with the purchase.
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The Brother 2170w is a great deal. I got mine on Amazon for $80, although that may have been a limited time offer.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, I think we're going to go with the 2170w then. And odinsdream, thanks for the awesome pointers re: buying and refilling toner. We'll definitely use those.
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Just nthing the Brother 2170w. I've been very happy with mine.
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I don't know how other people's experiences were, but we just ended up with a canon (?) inkjet because it looked like nearly all laser printers suck down something like 20-25 amps on startup.
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Late to the party, but I'll endorse the Brother also. I have two of the wired versions in different places and they have been the best bang-for-buck printers I've ever owned. Great from Mac, Windows or Linux, which is rare.
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Just got the 2170w, refurbished, from NewEgg. Love it.
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