What do I do Easter Sunday In Paris?
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Visiting Paris during EASTER. I heard the whole city is closed. I have been advised to go to the Jewish section of Paris, but it will be Passover. What can I do that day? (any advice about what to do on other days or what not to miss would also be appreciated)
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I was in Paris around Easter a couple of years ago. I can't speak to the Sunday because I was traveling that day, but on the Saturday night there was a midnight mass at the Notre Dame where a grown man was baptized as part of the ceremony. It was very cool to watch someone renounce Satan in French. (FYI, I had no problems with things being closed on the Saturday -- I went to the photography museum and to cafes and everything was open.)
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I was in Paris for Easter a couple years ago. We went to Sunday mass at Notre Dame. I also believe we went out to Versailles for the day. From their website it looks like they are indeed open on Easter. It also looks like the Louvre is open, so check other museums as well.
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Passover only shuts down Jewish things on the first and last two days, so tourist-open things could be open during in between days (except shabbat...) of which Sunday is one.
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You'll know this by now, but Easter is not a public holiday in France (as it is in the UK), so many things are open. I spent a pleasant day in the Jardin d'Acclimatation, but the main museums were all open as well.
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