Threaded comments for Wordpress?
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Looking for a great threaded comment plugin for Wordpress - preferably one that you can recommend from experience.

Looking to beef up our commenting functionality (Wordpress sites), and want to find the best-in-breed plugin for threaded comments, commenter profile pages, moderation, etc.

We're aware of IntenseDebate and Disqus, but we're really looking for something where the commenter profile pages live on our site, with our branding.

There are tons of advanced comment functionality plugins out there, so a first-hand experience would be much appreciated, if possible. We love the way commenting works on Gawker media sites, as a point of reference - if there's a plugin that approximates that, we'd literally squeal with delight.

Free is best, of course.
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best-in-breed plugin for threaded comments

Can you clarify this? WP2.7 comes with threading already built-in.

Also, if you want WP to be more of a community-based feel (commenters have profiles, and potentially blogs), have you considered BuddyPress?
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Can you clarify this? WP2.7 comes with threading already built-in.

Hmm ... didn't realize that. I've since turned it on, but it looks like there's some stuff you have to do to your templates to make it work, and the documentation is poor.

Even so, that doesn't help with the desire for a profile page for commenters ... will look into BuddyPress, but it appears to be for WP MU only.
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