Where do fly agaric umbrellas exist?
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Where can I find a mushroom umbrella for sale on the internets? More specifically, an umbrella that looks like the fly agaric.

So it is a rainy day today, and I see a bunch of children with umbrellas. And I think to myself, teehee, they look like little mushrooms! Then a glorious thought occurs: wouldn't a fly agaric umbrella be the coolest thing ever?? So I get home and search the internets for mushroom-themed umbrellas, but they don't seem to exist. Surely someone has had this idea before... I mean, it's brilliant! At the very least, I'm sure Japan has them.

Thus I have come to seek assistance from the hive mind. Has anyone seen such a thing for sale, or is there a place that does custom umbrellas for cheap? Thanks!
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That would be a neat umbrella. Found this one, which has a much more regular pattern of dots than a fly agaric and lacks the luscious cream underneath but might be passable if you can't find any other.
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This sounds like the sort of thing you could commission someone on etsy to make for you. I agree, a great idea!

Alternatively, you might be able to make something passable here, or at any of the other places that print promotional goods.
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