Camping Outside Apple Store
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Suppose you were planning to stake your claim to Mac Geekery by camping outside the new London Apple Store the night before the Grand Opening.

What would you do to ensure your: (a) warmth; (b) safety; and (c) comfort?

The store's at the Oxford Circus end of Regent Street, which I'm guessing is quieter than the heart of Soho, but I still don't fancy my chances hanging out on the street with a PowerBook. I don't know London very well. Am I likely to get much trouble on a Friday night/Saturday morning, sitting on Regent Street with a book?

Also, I'm hoping to get away with just a folding chair and warm clothes -- sleeping bags seems a bit over the top. Or am I just being foolish? What would you bring to keep yourself warm and entertained?
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Best answer: I don't know London at all but I doubt very much that you'll be alone. I would assume there will be other people camping out. I would look/ask around on some UK-specific Mac forums.
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Best answer: It's supposed to be f*cking cold this weekend, and I have even heard rumours of snow (although unlikely in central London) so take lots of layers, and a hip flask. If the there appears to be no queue, then nip into a club across the road til 4 or 6 in the morning. Abuse? I would expect some, but nothing too bad as that area is wall to wall cameras and security.

Personally I think you're mad, but then I was nearly weeing the carpet with excitement about Halo 2, so what do I know?
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Best answer: That part of Regent St can become quite a vomitorium on a Friday night. A lot of night buses head up there, so you'll find a lot of drunkards in the vicinity.
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Best answer: chrismear: I wouldn't be too worried about safety, there are going to be a whole bunch of people there. I'm not going myself but I know my brother is and some of his friends. A sleeping bag may not be necessary depending on the weather, but as Frasermoo says, lots of layers is the key. Big coat, sweaters, T-shirts, jumpers, etc.
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Best answer: Good on you! Seriously though, a heartfelt second of influx's comment - expect LOADS of drunk idiots. If you're in a crowd you'll probably be fine but don't be flashing that book about!

There is a 24 hour McDonlads round there if you feel the need for warmth but if I were you I'd make sure that I had a thermos full of hot choc. If you can't be bothered with a sleeping bag, a space blanket is a seriously good idea. I will be bollock achingly cold...

Seriously though, Argos do a £5 sleeping bag that packs away into something tiny...
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Best answer: I used to wait on line for concert tickets like this when I was in high school. The trick is to find a way to stake your claim to the space and keep your ass off the ground. I'd recommend bringing some sort of lawn chair with a few blankets on it to keep the breeze from blowing up underneath it. A sleeping bag is a true luxury because you can heat up the air inside of it which stays against you and keeps you warm. Other obvious things are: earmuffs, gloves, warm socks, scarf, layers layers layers! Also remember that if you're up all night, you'll need more food than if you were sleeping, so bring a meal or two, some warm stuff to drink [alcohol is really not a good idea for warmth, though YMMV]. Get a pizza delivered! Also important bring a friend, that way one of you can stay in the queue while the other one does jumping jacks, runs to get food, or otherwise does reconaissance.
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What would you do to ensure your: (a) warmth; (b) safety; and (c) comfort?

Erm. Stay home? It seems to me that the goals of warmth, safety, and comfort are incompatible with waiting in line overnight, especially at this time of year.
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Best answer: Don't forget to have a bathroom strategy! Ideally, that would be a friend to hold your place in line, as jessamyn mentioned, while you go to a proper facility. Second to that would be an empty bottle and a lack of modesty.
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