I have a question about the Jaime Hernandez comic Love and Rockets.
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Love and Rockets question (the comic, not the band)...[mi]

I just finished Locas, which collects most of the Hopey and Maggie stories up to 1996. Unfortunately, it seems it doesn't collect all their stories up to 96. One that's supposed to be called "Flies on the Ceiling" is supposed to be particularly important. Does anyone know what stories are missing, and what collections they're available in?
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Maggie and Hopey together again, July 4, 2004
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This probably isn't the best place to start reading Love and Rockets, since it directly follows the events of Death of Speedy but otherwise, there's a lot to like in Flies on the Ceiling. A lot of details are filled in about many of the characters' lives. Flies on the Ceiling includes an account of Izzy's time in Mexico, which I thought was really well done. And also a brief "origin story" of Terry Downe. Those two were some of my favorites. The main body of the collection though is about Maggie and Hopey's reunion. After Hopey left to go on tour with her band, Maggie had no idea where she was. In the course of the story we also an account of what happened to Hopey after we last saw her in Death of Speedy. It's really amazing how Jaime Hernandez can put so much into a few panels, so that years or even decades of a person's life can be summed up in a few pages, but all the same you feel like you got a rich and satisfying story.

From the Amazon review of the separately released collection here.

I did this google search, and also found this.

It's not much--and I almost bought the book you're talking about on Friday and wish I could give you more information, but "Flies on the Ceiling" sounds like it's a collection of those little two- and three-page minor character stories you see throughout "Love and Rockets".
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Looks like Flies on the Ceiling is available in Love and Rockets Volume 9.
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Is that the one when Hopey or Maggie reads Izzy's diary entries about her trip to Mexico and her experiences with the devil and her relationship with a widowed father? (I don't feel like digging through my collection again)
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Damn. I knew I should have kept up with it after Hopey went on the road...
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I vaguely remember Izzy going a little nuts, also obsessively swatting swarms of flies on her ceiling. If I can find the back issue, I'll let you know.
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