Passover Coke in the Philly Area?
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Where can I find Passover Coca-Cola in the Philly, PA area?

I live about 10 minutes east of King of Prussia, PA. I've really wanted to try and get a bottle of Passover Coke, but have not been able to find any in the local grocery stores. I would prefer avoiding having to drive into the city, as I hate driving in the city. I'm going to be in the Ardmore area this weekend. Does anyone know of specific stores around there or in the surrounding areas that are selling it?
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and here.

Happy Passover.
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Call over to the beverage distributors in Ardmore; definitely the Genaurdi's in Wynnewood. Wynnewood and Bala Cynwyd have large conservadox commmunities.
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If you're just looking for cane sugar coke, then try a Mexican grocery. Many of them stock coca-cola bottled at FEMSA, which by law can contain no HFCS.
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I know for a fact the Genuardis in Wynnewood has it.
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Last year the CVS at 43rd and Locust had some - obviously not your geographical preference, but possibly other CVS stores might have some as well.
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If you have a Costco membership, give them a try. I bought a case of bottled Mexican-made Coca-Cola there two weeks ago (I'm on the California North Coast) for $18.99. So very worth the price.
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