Looking for Good Republican Blogs
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What are some Republican good blogs, nothing too reactionary, that are worth adding to my feed reader? Thanks.
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Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish, although he seems to be turning slightly away from the GOP lately due to their social conservatism.
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Daniel Drenzer worked for Bush in 2000, voted against him on competency issues this election. Rich Mullen is more establishment Republican. John Ellis is, I believe, a cousin of President Bush, but has good insights nonetheless.
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I think you are asking in the wrong place. Since our few resident conservatives have not chimed in I will give a few more ideas.

The Volokh Conspiracy
The Dynamist

The last one is not really that conservative, more libertarian, but its author, Virginia Postrel, is often linked with conservative bloggers. Virginia is a very interesting person and has things to say that you will not often see other places. She is highly recommended.

These are not really blogs, but they are good conservative sources:
Opinion Journal
The Weekly Standard
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Just saw this one today. It's got samples from blogs, left, right, and center.
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Check out the 2003 Warblogger Awards page. It's full of links.

Oh, and don't forget The Corner.

Good for you for seeking out a variety of opinions.
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I personally am partial to the blog of Mr Lileks for my week-daily dose of Republican.
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Please keep in mind that being hawkish != being conservative (or even Republican). A heck of a lot of people who are blindly lumped together as "the right-wing blogosphere" are really former lefties who got smacked around by 9/11 and aren't conservatives, per se.

For example, Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) is not a conservative and is always amused when newspapers refer to him that way; he's libertarian-ish, a former Gore voter, and a law professor who turned rightward after 9/11 for hawkish reasons, but was president of his college pro-choice group and is pro-gay marriage. Biggest fish in the pond, a must-read.

Virginia Postrel is more than just "libertarian-ish", she's the former editor of the Libertarian bible, Reason magazine, for over ten years. But she still seems to get labeled "right-wing" for being pro- War on Terror.

Roger L. Simon is a mystery novelist and Hollywood screenwriter whose blog features good geopolitical coverage, and an insider's view from within the Hollywood behemoth--and he was lifelong very-Leftist Democrat until very recently.

Similarly, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs (sorry, Matt put a ban on linking to the site) was a Gore-voting Democrat and musician who turned hawkish. His site has a focus on overseas politics, particularly the Middle East, though be warned that many of the commentors on his site trend towards the obnoxious and cringe-worthy.

Michele Catalano of A Small Victory was a liberal Democrat mom from Long Island who turned hawkish after losing many close family friends (firefighters) to 9/11. Both Johnson and Catalano were also blogging pre-9/11 so it's actually really interesting to dig into their archives and watch/read their ideological transformations over time. Plus, Michele has a wicked sense of humor; think a right-wing version of "dooce" (blogger Heather Armstrong). She's kinda taking a break from political posts at the moment, though, fighting burnout.

I would add former MeFites Steven Den Beste and James Lileks to the "not a conservative, in fact former Gore voters, but get lumped in with the "conservative blogger" label for national security reasons" list. But Den Beste has recently stopped blogging altogether, alas, and Lileks writes a daily column-like/diary-like thingie, The Bleat, not an actual blog.

For a real red-meat Republican conservative type, one who's a hell of a lot of fun to read, I would recommend Jonah Goldberg's columns in NRO (National Review Online). There's a partial archive of his "G-Files" here, but there's more of his work online if you poke around Google or NRO's searchable archives. How many other conservatives do you know who endlessly quote the Simpsons and Animal House in their works discussing Hayek and Friedman? I don't think he has an individual RSS feed, though, but he does contribute sometimes to the NRO mega-group blog, The Corner, which does have one.

If you want more social/religious conservatism, and highly literate at that, I would go for former Yalie Eve Tushnet's blog. And former U. Chicago students Shonda Werry and Sara Butler at the blog Diotima focus on feminism and gender issues from a conservative point of view, and are usually excellent. And there are also pockets of intralinked Jewish and Catholic and Evangelical religious blogs who tend to be politically or culturally conservative (but not as uniformly as you might think).
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Instapundit annoys the crap out of me. Yet still, I check in from time to time. It helps if you take a shot every time he says "ouch".

I read Sullivan, A Small Victory, and sometimes Lileks or Jim Treacher. When I want to check in with the batty contingent, I go to drudge and michelle malkin.
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The Volokh Conspiracy is also more Libertarian than Republican.
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It's new, but In the Agora seems interesting so far.
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Stephen Green of VodkaPundit fame is usually a very good & thoughtful read, but again, more libertarian than Republican.

The Patriette. 'Nuff said.

Charles at Dustbury is great -- not overtly Republican, and not always conservative, and often not even about politics per se -- but good, good thinking.
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It's not a "Republican blog," but LittleGreenFootballs.com kicks ass when it comes to the realities of the our dangerous world.
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I'm gonna un-recommend LGF. WAY too reactionary, and it was a requirement that the blogs mentioned not be.
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