How to store homeless computer parts?
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I'm looking for an effective storage solution for computer parts. (More inside.)

My husband builds computers as a hobby and typically has several spare motherboards, fans, hard drives, sound cards, etc strewn about our computer room. I'm reorganizing the space after stepping on a graphics card for the umpteenth time and I have no idea how best to store these random parts.

We have a large cabinet with shelf space that will easily fit the aforementioned items, but I'm not sure how best to keep them safe from breakage and easily accessible. How do you store these types of items? Would you recommend plastic tubs, shelf-dividers, bins, etc? Links to suggested items and links to photos of fantastic computer part storage would be fantastic. Thanks in advance!
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I personally use the wheeled and/or stackable plastic drawer units you can find at Office Depot/Office Max or Target. They have clear, pull-out drawers and some units have drawers of different sizes. I then sorted all of my computer parts by type, put them in the drawers, and then labeled each drawer with its contents.

Having a good supply of anti-static bags for memory, motherboards, and expansion cards is a good idea as well for safe storage. I'd recommend using wire-ties or velcro wraps for cabling.

Good luck!
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Clear plastic bins, with components sorted by type, and any boards with chips in anti-static bags.

One bin each for hard drives, USB cables, power cords, motherboards, RAM (each stick in its own anti-static bag), CPU fans, graphics cards, SATA/PATA cables, and PSUs.

Medium-to-large bins that stack and can be pulled out like drawers are best. And clear is a must so you can tell what's inside without pulling the drawer. There's a US chain that I'm blanking on that specializes in office and dorm storage solutions. It's a bit pricey but will certainly have what I'm describing.
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Assuming space is a concern, maybe find filing cabinet and some anti-static bags. Usually parts come in bulky boxes, or slightly less bulky padded boxes if they're OEM.

If space isn't a concern, our IT office has a wall full of cubby holes for various parts, clearly labelled. And even so, my cube was still full of random computer shit when I was hired. Clearly, the best way to store computer parts is in working computers, on someone's desk.
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i use 2 of these. works well
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Bins, but they're also wrapped in anti-static bags and foam. I've used upright magazine holders to keep motherboards and certain other pieces together while I was waiting for something to come in.
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Something like this? Similar to adamrice's link, but cheaper.
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