Inexpensive ASP.NET Training Options?
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Looking for some inexpensive training options for ASP.NET/C#, online or in person.

I'm looking for some inexpensive training options for ASP.NET/C#, online or in person. I was recently laid off from a job where I started to use it and got the beginner learning out of the way. I'd like to try to go further with it while I am unemployed, but obviously it has to be low cost. I can continue to self train, but my experience is that formal training typically moves you along faster.
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I just learned flash in about 24 hours after signing up for and watching a lot of videos so I'd recommend it. It's relatively cheap.
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Well, I think we have opposite experiences with formal training, but Microsoft itself publishes and sponsors quite a bit of good self-learning material. Check out,,,, and Google for others. I quite liked the book Inside C#... it's pretty old at this point and oriented towards C# 1.0 but it's good on the basics if you can find a used copy.
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YMMV, but I've always approached learning a language by starting out to build something reasonably ambitious and then overcoming the inevitable obstacles along the way, usually through a combination of help files, online forums, and online tutorial lists, as mentioned by XMLicious. I've personally tried looking into some of the Open Learning initiatives that offer programming content, but I haven't managed to turn any of these to good use as they usually require text books / additional material that I can't afford in a speculative sense.
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Sorry to hear that. has many video tutorials which are of pretty good quality.

Later, you should also check out this article by the VP of .Net development at Microsoft.

Good luck! (mefi mail me if you need more info)
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