Action Research Video Footage?
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Designing an action research class for teachers and need lots and lots of footage of real classroom activity.

Here is what I would love, in a perfect world: 5-40 hours of raw, digitized video footage of classroom activity. Longer is better, in order to give users a chance to select a sample set of classes/sessions from the data. Bonus points if it's all the same classroom and/or students, shot over several days or weeks. What happens in the classroom doesn't have to be particularly good or bad--the footage will be used as the raw dataset for a graduate course, so the grad students will be choosing their research focus and deciding what to do with the digitized video.

We can't film this ourselves, as videotaping minors comes along with a whole host of legal and IRB issues that we do not have the time to sort through on our own. What we're looking for is a free or proprietary dataset of digitized footage that we can use without having to worry about clearances, etc. Since this will become a text (of sorts) for a course, we are willing to pay a vendor for this, if we can find someone who sells this sort of thing. If it's free, great. If not, that's OK too.
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Response by poster: Still no answers to this. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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