Cigarette Price Map?
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After the shock of paying almost $10 for a pack of American Spirit wore off I thought there must be a website like Gas Buddy or Boston Gas Prices for cigarette prices. My google foo has failed me on this one, anyone know if there's any such site(s)?

Yes I know they're bad, and I should quit. And, yes I know I can drive to NH and buy cartons for less, but I don't want cartons as I just end up smoking more.

If you don't know any such site, do you know anywhere in Boston (Downtown, Back Bay, Kenmore) that isn't so friggin' expensive?
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I think the reason the price is so high is because of taxes. These days most of the price of tobacco is taxes.

And taxes are going to be the same at any store in the same state.
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Response by poster: Yup I know it's due to taxes. Nope not all stores sell cigarettes at the same price, within a 5 block radius prices can vary by as much as $2, sometimes more. That's why I'm interested in a site like Gas Buddy, but for cigarettes.
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Ditto on the cartons. I buy a pack each weekend and smoke them all; until next weekend I buy another pack.
American Spirit used to have a promo where they would send you a free carton; might be worth hitting the google over.
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Best answer: If there isn't such a site, you should totally make one. I think it would do well.
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Response by poster: I was thinking that myself, plus quitting smoking! :)
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If you keep them in the freezer, they last longer and are out of sight out of mind. That might be a good way to keep the entire carton from tempting you. Towards the end of my smoking days, I'd have like one a week from a ziploc in the freezer and they were always fresh.

and the American Spirit coupons:
You can fill out the Gift Certificate form online by clicking here or call us toll-free at 1-800-872-6460
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I've often seen signs, in places that sell cigarettes, bragging about their state-minimum pricing. Is there anything like that in MA?
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Are you near any Indian reservations? They're usually much cheaper there, since the tribe sets their own taxes and they make more money undercutting the state and Federal taxes.
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Just bought several cartons of AS yellows in Indiana (thank god for Indiana) at about $5/pack. In NYC they range from $9.75 to $12. If you're a steady smoker, you can virtually justify the cost of a trip to a cheap-cigarette state (though "cheap" now includes about $4 a pack in taxes almost anywhere, much more in other places) if you buy a sufficient quantity.

/anti-smoking nazis, go stand by the freeway and complain about second hand exhaust
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BTW, the AS gift certificate offer is not valid in Massachusetts, and only in Massachusetts. The price you pay for living in a self-righteous state.
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BTW The federal taxes will go up another .62 on Tuesday. Some places have already raised their prices.
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Response by poster: About the Fed taxs on cigs, many of the tobacco manufacturers have already raised the prices ahead of the actual tax hike. Which means their getting an extra .62c a pack and screwing over the retailers and shop keepers.
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There really does need to be a website like that. I'm in Washington state but so far I've found that Walgreen's of all places has the cheapest cigarettes by about a dollar, at least around here.

My uncle, a heavy smoker, gave up on the big brands and now just orders a local native American-produced brand, King Mountain, for around $12 per carton. I don't smoke any more, but I've tried them and they weren't actually that horrible..
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From this article.
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