Yes. Just, yes.
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On the blog Cardhouse, the Cardhouse dude has posted two pictures, each of a different store and the same book, but has obscured the book's title with a green-edged circle and the word yes. What is the book?
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I assume you're talking about this particular post.
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Chocolate Pickle, there's another image just below with a closer view.

Have you contacted Cardhouse? In the upper-left he has links to all his social networking profiles. It's possible he still has the original images, and if not, they were taken recently enough that he may remember what the book was or at least help you get in touch with the bookstore.

And hey, he links to AskMe, so perhaps that'll make him more disposed to help you!
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Or you'll just show up in one of his semi-regular mailbag posts, and we'll all have a great chuckle.

I also recommend just shooting him an email.
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Here's a link to Needles and Pens. which includes an email address and phone number.
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Best answer: I think it's the transcript of the Secret World of Nonchalance broadcasts. Those pictures are links to the Elsewhere Public Works Agency, which presents you with an old fashioned terminal type of user interface. Go into the Radio Nonchalance 109.7 FM portion and you will find information about getting a transcript. When you do that, it lists those two places from the pictures.

And this seems to have portions of the same picture in it, in support of the above theory.
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Response by poster: My understanding is that you can only use the contact form if you wish to buy his candy cigarettes. Since he links to Ask Metafilter, I figured that in a worst-case scenario, instead of going to him, he could come to me.
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I'm pretty sure he'll respond if you use that contact form. He always has when I've used it.

He is also a Metafilter member, but THAT WOULD BE TELLING.
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