Is there a statute of limitations on contesting one's unemployment?
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What is the statute of limitations on contesting one's unemployment benefits? Is there one?

Four years ago I was able to get myself canned from my soul-sucking cubicle job (heh, is there any other kind?) A couple months into my unemployment benefit checks, I get a letter from the Michigan Bureau of Workers' & Unemployment Compensation stating thus:
"On such&such a date, XYZ Corp timely protested the determination issued on such&such a date, which held you not disqualified. Your employer states that you acted in a manner that you knew would jeopardize your job. Your employer has failed to establish that you intentionally failed to meet the employer's standard of work performance. Misconduct has not been established. The original decision is hereby affirmed. It is found that you were not fired for a deliberate disregard of your employer's interest. You are not disqualified for benefits under MESC Act, Sec. 29(1)(B)."

Sounds like that's that, right? The thing is, in moments of ungardedness in various web forums I have occasionally celebrated my successful twitting of the company, and my former slave drivers are just the kind to have webcrawlers unearthing any mention of the company. They couldn't still come after me, even if they thought they "unearthed" something, could they?
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Four years ago? I think the Unemployment folks nowadays are trying to live for the next hour or two with all the claims coming in. I'd bet they would tell your old company to take a hike. Anyway, I doubt anyone at the company is really all that concerned about your unemployment benefits -- they lost, you won, they tried to contest, and failed, you won again.
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