Help! My DVR betrayed me!
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I had my DVR programmed to watch last night's (3/22) episode of Breaking Bad, and the box crashed and didn't record the episode. The channel it airs on--AMC--does not offer the option to watch any episodes of the show. What are some good sites to download streaming video of TV episodes? Torrents are not my preference. Thanks!
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Also, it looks like episodes of Breaking Bad are available on-demand at
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If this is a digital cable box, look and see if you can find AMC on-demand stuff. There are ads at the end of episodes saying you should be able to catch it on demand for free.
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And, in actuality, that link to just redirects to the on-demand viewing service at AMC's website. It looks like they do in fact offer their shows online.
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That AMC website kind of sucks. The resolution is small and they only seem to have the premiere for Season 2.

It's also available on iTunes, but that'll cost you $1.99, I think.

Or just torrent the damn thing.
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If you have Comcast, you can watch it OnDemand. I know because I am constantly checking to see if they're showing Mad Men (sadly, no).
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you didn't say what the name of the episode was but is this it?
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If you can't find a suitable place to see it online, it's scheduled to re-air at 11:00 PM on Wednesday.
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What kind of cable do you have? We might be able to help more if we knew that.
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Judging from the "torrents are not my preference", it sounds like you want to do this legitimately (even though you have already paid for your cable and the cable company and AMC are getting the same money from you regardless of you seeing the show or not..... but I digress), I would suggest Amazon Unbox. It costs $2 per episode usually, but I use it via my Roku box for currently airing shows.

Breaking Bad, Season 2 via Amazon
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Is it on SurfTheChannel?
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IMDB also has future listings for the episode you're in search of.
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