Are Ecco boots worth their price?
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I am considering buying a new pair of boots just to wear around town, the ones I am looking at are Ecco brand, "Track High" is the name of the boot. First pair of Ecco brand that I have tried on and they felt unbelievable on my feet, but - are they worth $200.00? Other suggestions welcome.

I should point out that I am curious about how well this brand holds up, I have googled and googled and I am more confused than ever.
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I can't speak to the boots, but...

I have a pair of Ecco dress shoes that I'm wearing right now. I've had them a bit over two years, and they are absolutely one of the best pair of shoes that I own. They're very comfortable, look great, have held up unbelievably well (I abuse my shoes quite a bit!), and I'd buy them again in a second. They did rip up my heels the first day that I wore them, and took a little while to break in, but this isn't anything unusual for a nice pair of dress shoes. I'd recommend the brand in a second (as would others I have talked to who own them), and I have to imagine that the boots are just as good.

Just my two cents...
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I've bought shoes and sandals by Ecco lots of times, and they all were light and durable, very comfortable, lasted for several years even if worn almost daily and were well worth the money. I'm a woman though, and the shoes I bought were not hiking boots, but normal shoes or sandals for everyday wear (from their casual line), which usually cost a bit less, so YMMV. If I was looking for boots I wouldn't hesitate to buy Ecco boots if they fit and feel good.
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I have a pair of Ecco wingtips that were by far the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned. I wore them pretty regularly over several years, and they have held up very well.
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If you want a boot that will hold up, I'd recommend Red Wings over any other brand. They're nigh indestructible. I've had a pair of their 4473s for going on three years now and other than normal wear and tear to the leather and some wear on the tread, they're brand new. And they only set me back about $130.

They have some more casual styles which I'm sure are comparably indestructible.
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I've never had Ecco boots but I've had a bunch of pairs of their shoes (and currently have one). They're pretty well built. Of the maybe dozen pairs I've had only one has been tossed due to manufacturing problems. The rest I wore until they wore out or I did something stupid that destroyed them (walking through salty slush, another I got wet and dried out by the fire - and forgot about them)
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I have a pair of Ecco suede walking shoes that I have had for 14 years, although they were really only in the daily rotation for 2 years or so. They still look and feel great. I recommend them.
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i have a friend who swears by his eccos; also i believe at one point they were damaged (due to age/wear) and he sent them off to ecco for repair -- they sent him back a new pair of boots, free of charge.
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I usually (pretty much every day) wear a pair of ecco sneakers that I purchased while I was at a previous job which must have been at least 5 years ago, so I would say that the durability is excellent, at least for the sneakers.
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Add another voice to the chorus. They are worth every penny and they last for years.
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The lovely and talented Mr. Sidhedevil just bought two, count 'em, two pairs of these exact boots.

He bought two pairs of their predecessors six years ago, and they are the only shoes he wears every day (except for the cowboy boots, which he wears for dressy occasions like our wedding).

They are still going reasonably strong, but he saw that they had updated the model with some features he liked even better, and our local store was having a "two for the price of one-and-a-half" sale, so he snapped 'em up.

Mr. Sidhedevil has fallen arches and needs extremely sturdy, comfortable shoes that he can wear with his orthotics, and these fit the bill. Also, he walks several miles a week (that's his exercise plan) as well as the day in, day out wear, and these boots have held up brilliantly. They're also good in snow and rain and good traction on ice.
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They also don't look like abject ass, unlike most other similarly sturdy and comfortable men's shoes.
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how are the soles on eccos? i tried on a pair at a local shoe store and they seemed remarkably thin, like wrestling shoes almost. i ended up getting a pair of suede merrills instead, but have been thinking over the styling on the eccos... they certainly looked nice, but there just seemed so much less under my sole than i'm used to. is this standard on them, or was it perhaps just the specific pair or style i happened to grab?
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