Pub Crawl in Philly at Now O'Clock
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If we wanted to start a pub crawl in philly right about now, where would you recommend we go? Starting us anywhere the R6 lets off would be swell. Cheap beer = awesome.
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Take the R6 to Suburban Station. Go to Nodding Head on Sansom b/t 15th and 16th for beer and lunch. Head up the block to Oscar's. Then head to McGlinchy's down 15th near Locust. From there hit up Irish Pub and The Bards at Walnut and 20th, Ten Stone at South and 20th or 21st, and finish the day/night with dinner and more drinks at Grace Tavern at 22nd and South.
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Great list. I might also add Barrister's (18XX Sansom) and maybe Roosevelt's (23rd and Walnut).
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1. Just pick the first bar to go to.

2. Go there & order drinks.

3. As you are being served, ask the barperson what their favourite bar to go next would be. Feel free to include any restrictions, e.g. must be cheap.

4. Tip barperson.

5. Drink.

6. Remember the recommended bar from step 3. Now go to step 2.

Keep going until you can't keep going. You might want to drink 1 glass of water for every drink you have as it will help you with the potential hangover later on...
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Post a followup!
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just got in... crazy day took us all over the place. nodding head, oscar's, irish pub, roosevelt's, then hopped over to the pour house in east falls and ended up at fox&hound in king of prussia.

we had a blast, thanks for the suggestions. we'll have to do it again and hit the other places that we missed!
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when we do it again, we're going to limit ourselves to 1 beer and 1 shot at each location... we ended up hanging at a few of the places for a bit too long which prevented us from hitting all the places you folks suggested.
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