Help me find a creative venue in Rome, Italy
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I am organising an internal training on innovation in Rome for about 20-25 employees. What creative / innovative venues do you recommend in or by Rome, Italy?

I plan, together with a colleague, to run a one day training session on innovation at the end of April. We have set the date (end of April) and the location (by Rome), but have not yet found a suitable venue to do the training.

An important factor for training people on innovation and creativity is the environment in which the training takes place. In order to get the creative juices to flow, the best environment is a relaxing, but inspiring, venue that pulls people out of their normal day-to-day job. Instead of a traditional meeting room with tables and chairs, a good venue should have couches or beanbags and provide a relaxing environment. Ideally, there should also be at least two different rooms, so you can move the group between locations to continuosly provide new perspectives. There should also be a lot of natural light.

Some example venues that work well for such a training include a comfortable cabin in the woods, a loft with a lot of natural light, a relaxing meeting room in a zoo or museum, a historical tower or castle, etc.

Although I am certain such places exist in Rome, Italy, I have no idea where to look for such a venue. I couldn't find anything on google, but this may partially be because I am searching in English instead of Italian.

The venue should not cost more than 1,200 Euro for the day.

Any suggestions on where to look for such a venue or venues you have used in the past for a similar purpose? Unconventional ideas are welcome and are sometimes the best ones ...
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Maybe one of the smaller villas or the academies, or the zoo ("bioparco"), in the gardens of the Villa Borghese? There's nowhere more inspiring, and I know the French Academy houses conferences at times and that there are educational events at the zoo.
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