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March 21, 2009 3:08 AM   Subscribe for television?

I'm looking for a UK-centric service/website that will allow me to punch in the name of a programme I like to watch, that will then suggest other programmes I might like based on that. For example, I could punch in Supernatural, and it would suggest Heroes. I could punch in The 9 o'clock News, and it would suggest a topical discussion programme. I could punch in a soap opera, and it would suggest other similar programmes.

Does such a thing exist? A more rambling explanation follows.

More specifically, I'm particularly interested in natural history documentaries. I was watching Natures Great Events on BBC iPlayer the other day, and only by chance I noticed that Yellowstone was also available to watch. I really enjoyed both programmes, but it was only luck that made me notice that the second was available to view. I'd rather not miss such programming.

I have television listings available to me, but I still managed to miss several interesting programmes. I also don't watch much TV, so I can't always catch the end of the programme I'm watching to see what other suggestions are made by the channel operators.
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I don't know what their service is like in the UK, but TiVo has a recommend feature that works passably well.
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