How do I get the hell out of corporate America?
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How do I get the hell out of corporate America?

I am a web developer/designer who has grown tired of corporate work and wish to do something that has goals beyond meeting quarterly estimates. I definetly want to still work with computers and the internet, since it really is my forte, but I'm not sure what the world beyond silicon valley needs in the way of geeks. My initial thoughts would be to work for something like the EFF or a similar organization, but I would also maybe be interested in helping people get better access to the internet or learn more about how to use technology to their benefit. Maybe in education? I also have a background in fine art, and am always interested in helping artists figure out how they can use technology, so that could hold possibilities as well. What kind of organizations are out there that can use tech talent (bonus points for orgs in the bay area)?
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Are you already familiar with the Media Alliance?
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Response by poster: looks interesting. also looks very volunteer driven. unless you are pointing out their $55 job list?
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Burn it to the ground.
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stop spending money?
move to another country? world needs geeks everywhere, more or less.
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I hear there are lots of tech jobs in India these days.

Actually I'd love to get out as well. I asked MeFi a week or so ago and was introduced to Aquent ( which is like a freelancer's home base. Might be what you need? They don't quite hit my profession all that well but I might just change career directions if it gets me out from behind a desk!

Good luck!
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Go self-employed - plenty of web-related work around the world.
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Consider going to work for the Fed. First of all, the Fed is usually involved one way or another with jobs that mean something to someone. Second, most of the problems people have with the Fed as an employer can be addressed by the practice of moving from Fed job to another every three or four years.

The biggest problem is doing the work to get through the application process, although the Fed is getting friendlier to tech people every day.
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Maybe take a look at the book: From Making a Profit to Making a Difference: How to Launch Your New Career in Nonprofits.

I've done web design work for non-profits for the past 4 years. I'm not sure I could go back to the for-profit world.
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You might also check out the jobs area of
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If you're a multimedia type of developer/designer, you may want to look for job openings (or indeed contract work) at major museums/arts institutions. You'll be working with other people who also decided to take a pay cut and do something that feels worthwhile, and it still looks good on your resume if you ever need to go corporate again.

I've gone from corporate hell to equal parts educational multimedia and software-dev for law enforcement in the last couple of years. Feels nice to not just line someones pockets.
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Response by poster: cool, thanks for the info everyone.
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Check the publication Opportunity NOCs for job postings in the non-profit sector. You can find it at quality newsstands and Rainbow Grocery.
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