Alphonso: The King Of Mangoes
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Three years ago the Bush Administration allowed the importation of Indian mangoes for the first time in 30 years. It's mango season right now. Where can I get an alphonso mango in the USA?
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I'm in New Jersey. I was just at my local multi-ethnic grocery store (which is not nearly as fancy as its website might imply) two days ago and they had plenty of them (under the spelling Alfonso). I didn't realize at the time that they were in any way special, I just remember thinking "hmm, wonder what the difference is between those mangoes and the kind you usually see."

I should note that the mangoes were conventional, not organic, and that my local Whole Foods doesn't carry any. So I doubt your local co-op/health food store would have them. Maybe a market that caters to the Asian population? Although I don't know VT well, as a former resident of New Hampshire my first impulse would be to head for Massachusetts in a situation like this.
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I would suggest finding a place that can order them for you rather than scouring the region. My coop can do orders for us members easily.
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Where can I get an alphonso mango in the USA?

New Mexico. (well, you didn't say it needed to be near your region...)

I see these fairly often at Smith's (big chain grocery store) and Sunflower Market (Whole Foods type store) next to the cheaper mangoes. I'll have to try one.
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