Why doesn't gmail work on my iphone anymore?
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Why has gmail stopped working on my iPhone. More importantly, how do I fix it?

So I found this question, but there's never a solution offered.

I seem to have the same problem. Out of the blue, my iphone has been unable to connect to gmail. To send mail it tells me it can't connect to the server. When checking mail, it tells me that my password is wrong. I deleted the account and set it up again and it tells me that it cannot connect via SSH, do I want to try to connect without SSH. If I say yes, it still never connects.

So what's going on and how do I fix it? I'm traveling tomorrow and would really like an alternative to paying a hotel for their wireless to check my email.

Oh, and other internet apps (safari, facebook) still work and gmail works just fine on my computer.
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Google was having server problems.

That's why the have the "beta" in their GMail logo.
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As TM says, if you have changed nothing, then it's almost certainly a Google problem. I use GMail for a couple of domains, and it does indeed have multi-hour outages every month. Sometimes these only affect one access method: so POP might work, but web access won't, or vice versa.

Wait it out.
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Also, remember you can read your gmail in Safari on the iPhone if the Mail client problem doesn't clear up before your trip.
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And of course, minutes after I posted the question, it started working again.
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I have this problem from time to time and it's usually solved by re-starting the phone.

When it happens with GMail, it always has the same problem with syncing to my work e-mail account at the same time, so I'm guessing it's a glitch in the phone OS.
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