Help me not have to recreate my Google Map!
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GoogleMapFilter: can I export my data so I can create a new map?

I have created a Google map. It's fine and dandy, but I have another project where almost all the data is duplicated, with additions, and I want to create a new map and have better icons, links, etc.

Is there anyway for me to download the data so I don't have to reinvent my Googlewheel?
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Best answer: What did you use to create the original? If you're using "My Maps", you can use the "View in Google Earth" link to save a kml file. That file contains a link to the real kml file which contains the map data.

If you're using something else, feel free to drop me a link in MeMail; I've done a bunch of extraction from Google Maps for one of my projects, and would be happy to take a look at yours.
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Response by poster: Yes! I've used My Maps -- I'll give it a try!
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Response by poster: YAY! That worked! Thank you, hades!
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Glad to hear it!
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is there a way to copy / merge them without Google Earth?
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Well, you don't need Google Earth to download the KML file. Just right-click and "save as", then open it in a text editor and get the real link, download and save _that_, and edit it however you want. I find hand-editing KML to be a pain, though.
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