Do you remember this advice column?
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Do you remember a funny, hip etiquette and/or advice column written by two young women?

I remember reading this column online five or more years ago. It was two women who were young, hip and funny answering reader queries about etiquette and (maybe) sex. I am pretty sure the column name included their first names. Any ideas?

(Failing that, got any young hip etiquette columns for me to read online?)
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Best answer: maybe Em and Lo? I don't know where it was published, though.
posted by pipti at 8:50 AM on March 18, 2009

Is it Etiquette Girls?
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Best answer: Em and Lo were on They wrote some books too.
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Or maybe the barbitches">
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I'm thinking you mean Em and Lo.
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messed that up, sorry:
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Response by poster: Em and Lo! That is absolutely it. Thanks so much.

(I'm still happy to hear other etiquette column suggestions if you have them.)
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I'm a fan of Tomato Nation's Wednesday advice column, The Vine, which has a heavy etiquette component.
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Em and Lo, "more formally known as Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey", the website.
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You might also like Carolyn Hax. She also has a weekly chat which can be hysterical.
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