I need a simple time line program for OSX.
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I'm looking for a program, or way to use a program I already have, that will make simple time lines. I'm studying for a history midterm that features lots of dates, and I want a way to display all of them in relation to each other. I don't need a lot of features, but I do need free.

I'm using Mac OSX. I downloaded this program, which doesn't seem to deal well with dates that are just years. I also have Excel 2008, if there's a way to make it create simple time lines easily. I do not not not want to do this by hand- my handwriting sucks and it wouldn't be worth the time it would take to make it. I just want a simple line down the page, with the dates displayed with a simple title. Surely, someone has developed a bare bones freeware solution to this problem over the years, right?
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I did the same thing for my exams. I just used Excel.

Years on the left, notes on the right. I ended up using a few columns for subheadings. It's now turned into this huge, awesome document.

Is there a reason you don't want to use Excel? To make a very simple timeline, start with your first date, say 1800, in say, cell A2. Then in the cell directly below that (A3), write "=[A2]+1". Where [A2] means you really select that cell. Then that little cell will have a small box on the bottom right-hand corner. If you drag that down the column, it'll make a long timeline of dates by year!

It makes more sense actually in Excel. Someone else can explain that better.
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I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for in your timelines, but you could change the cell border for an entire column in Excel to give you a single vertical line down the page. Then adjust your column widths how you like them, use one cell for the date (YYYY/MM/DD format) and one for the description, and you'll be able to auto-sort the things in your timeline. It's a list with a vertical line next to it, effectively, and auto-sorting ability, but that might be enough for you.
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barnone, the easier way to do it, IMHO, is to put 1800 in A2, 1801 in A3, and 1802 in A4, and to highlight all three and drag the lower right-hand corner of the highlighted box down as far as is needed.
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Best answer: This timeline gadget will integrate with Google Spreadsheets.
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Timeline builder.
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Maybe try Timeglider? I've just started playing around with it, but it's nifty so far.
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I wonder if the Mit Smile Timeline widget would be useful for you at all? This page in their documentation is also quite cool.
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Response by poster: So it looks like the integration of the MIT Simile widget with Google spreadsheets is the winner. The Excel advice is helpful, but it doesn't look like there's a way to represent ranges of time well- ie. King x's rule from 418-434. The Google widget is still a little bit more than I wanted, presentation-wise, but I think it'll work. Thanks guys!
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