This is (not) a bird.
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I am looking for a fake bird (obviously real-looking), and just can't seem to find what I am looking for!

I am looking for a common, north american bird for a film shooting. Robin, lark, these commonly seen birds. Taxidermists won't do it here because you can't legally hunt them. I am looking for a fake one, perhaps with real feather, and I imagine there is such a thing somewhere online for film purposes (a props company for instance), but can't find any. Anyone has suggestions?
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Ebay, taxidermy. I think they are called fuzzy furry's.
For inspiration watch Mary Poppins for the cheesiest fake bird in cinema.
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Maybe these guys?
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I have bought feathered crows and cardinals at craft stores like Michael's Crafts. If you Google, "floral supplies feathered birds" you may get a realistic enough bird for your film.

This supplier requires a 75 dollar purchase, but I'm sure there will be less expensive options out there.
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Except - Fairchild, in all likelihood those come from China, plucked from living birds.
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