Where can we store our bagging in Honolulu for 12 hours before our flight home?
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Returning from Hawaiian honeymoon on the Big Island. We're flying out of Honolulu, but we're on Oahu for about 12 hours before the flight back home. Airline only allows baggage check in 4 hours before departure. Is there anywhere we can safely store our baggage so we don't have to lug it around all day?

Honeymoon in Hawaii in August. Spending most of the time on the Big Island, but we're flying back to Vancouver out of Honolulu.

Air Canada only has one flight back to Vancouver per day and it's at 11 PM at night. Their website says baggage check in can only be 4 hours before departure.

Our inter-island flight gets into Honolulu about noon. We'd like to go around Honolulu, but don't want to lug our bags around while doing so. Since we are not staying on Oahu, we don't have a hotel we can leave our bags with. Safety of our bags is pretty important.

Any ideas where we can safely leave our stuff? We travel relatively light, but it's still more than we'd like to carry around all day if we could.
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Perhaps you could rent a car? That would give you both a way to see a little bit of the island cheaply, and a place to store you luggage (in the trunk). I imagine that you could get a half-day rental for 30 or 40 bucks.
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You can use a hotel even if you're not staying there (you don't necessarily have to tell the bellhop that's the case).
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Best answer: You want to be careful leaving valuables/luggage in a car, especially in a car-park - there are a number of break-ins in tourist spots, and rental cars are prime targets.

Another option is Aloha Airport Delivery & Storage - these guys will pick up your luggage at the airport, and store it securely - then deliver it back to you when you need. They're pretty heavily advertised throughout Honolulu airport. $20 for 4 bags for the day.
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If you have the $5 tip out as you hand over the bags they won't ask or care if you are staying at the hotel.
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When I was travelling for business regularly I'd often be checking out in the morning, spending the day at work, and not feel like having a weeks' worth of goodies sitting in the office; the mmotel I was staying in was more than happy to keep my bags behind the desk for the day until I headed to the airport. Ask your hotel, they may be happy to store them for a few hours.
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I would specifically recommend stashing your stuff at a hotel at the airport; otherwise as described above--confident with the cash in hand like you're staying there. This way you're only lugging from the airport hotel to your terminal.
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