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Some months ago, I came across a map created by (I think) a sociologist, depicting one student's daily travel routines in (I think) Paris. It shows clearly that the subject's life clusters closely around home, work, and university. It is not from Strange Maps, and Google is not helping. Has anyone else seen this?
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I know this isn't helpful, but I've seen the map you're talking about. I remember that the sociologist was very surprised at how few neighborhoods the person connected. I think it may have appeared in one of Duncan Watts' papers about people who connect many people/regions. I'll post again if I remember where I saw it.
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elsenkr: Au contraire, mon capitaine. It at least proves that I'm not crazy. Thanks!
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Is this the one that compares it against someone else of a previous generation?
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Trying to figure this out bothered me enough that I decided to keep searching. I think it might be this map, though I remembered it being something more attractive:
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That's the one! Thanks, eisenkr!
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