Effective, inexpensive cordless mini-vacuum?
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Effective, inexpensive, cordless mini-vacuum. Does it exist? Please help out a fur-covered Corgi owner.

After we got our Roomba I threw away our crappy upright and vowed to never again be a slave to a traditional vacuum. Well, it looks like I'm going to have to go back on that.

I love my Roomba, don't get me wrong, but we just added a four-legged shedding machine to our household and the hair gets everywhere. We're avid Furminators and we put down a towel on the couch before letting Sunny up for a snuggle, but I guess Corgis and couches don't mix. Ditto for the backseat of my car.

So dear hivemind, can you point me in the direction of a good "dust-buster"-type device? I've seen this thread, but a) it's four years old and b) the user ends up with a corded vac rather than cordless. I don't want to spend more than, say $50. I'm open to online or any of the big-box stores (or hey, if they sell it at my local hardware store, even better!).
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Best answer: I've been very happy with my Shark Cordless Handheld Vac, as the owner of two cats (one black, one white). Mine is an older model (I've had it three years). The key is that it has a rotating brush head, and that's what really grabs and sucks up the hair. And it's super easy to take on an off when you want to use it for crumbs ore other granular messes. Also, no bags. Just be careful when you are emptying it, because it creates a bit of dust. It has a filter that can be removed and washed with hot soapy water. After three years, mine still has good suction and holds the charge. And I haven't been gentle with it, it's taken many a fall.
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Black & Decker
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Response by poster: patnok, any particular style/model?
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Best answer: This is out of your desired price point by, um, double, but I have it (and TWO DOGS!) and it's amazing. The $99 Electrolux Stick Vac is cordless and powerful and has a nice detachable dustbuster that can be used separately. It really is great. (Although I should specify that I have hardwood floors, I'm not sure it would work as well for wall-to-wall carpeting.)

Even if you don't go with the Electrolux, do hold firm to the "cordless" idea. For whatever reason being able to pick up the vacuum and carry it all over and vacuum anywhere is worlds easier than doing the same thing with a traditional corded vacuum.
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no model # on the one i have it is a 9.6 volt
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this is the one i have = http://www0.epinions.com/prices/Black_Decker_CHV1560_Vacuum
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I love your four-legged shedding machine! I had a Corgi too, and before purchasing I had read up on them pretty well, and had never come across any mention of the ridonkulous amount of hair that they shed. I don't remember what kind of cordless vacuum we had at the time (99% sure it was a Dirt Devil but not 100%) but it did have a wand attachment which came in really handy, so make sure yours has that. Also invest in lots of wide tape to wrap around your hands so you can go around patting and brushing hair off of everything. We finally gave up and banned our Corgi from going upstairs altogether, because the beds were covered with hair and there were constantly tumbleweeds of hair under the beds, and I got tired of washing comforters and quilts every week. I also made a huge slipcover-type out of a king-sized sheet thing for the back seat of the car - that saved a lot of car vacuuming.
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Best answer: I've got the same shark that kimdog linked to and just love it. In fact, just the other day the dear boy and I were exclaiming its virtues to each other and wondering how we ever lived without it. It holds a charge very well and sucks like nobody's business. Even after two or three years of not gentle use, it's going strong and obliterating cat hair. It is pretty heavy, but for the kind of power it packs, I'm fine with that. We have had to occasionally cut away hair that gets twirled around the rotating brush head, but it's not really a big deal, just a few snips with the scissors, and that's something I've had to do on full size vacs before as well.
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It's not cordless, but the cord is long and you can always attach an extension cord to lengthen it further: Dirt Devil Scorpion. For the price, I don't think it can be beat. Hair is certainly no problem for this beast. Definitely worth your consideration if you can be a little flexible on the cordless aspect.

Paradoxically, this thing *really* sucks.
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We have two cats and the Eureka Quick-Up does just fine for us. (I think we have the 96DZ model.) It's under $50, comes with a spare battery and charger, can be used as a dustbuster or with a rod attached, and has been pretty easy to use. It's more effective than the Dirt Devil we have, too, and a HELL of a lot quieter.
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Off point, but I could knit several additional corgis from the sheddings from mine! (Yes, I love her).
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Oh yes! We've always said we could assemble a baby brother Basset Hound from the weekly shedding of our two grown Basset Hounds.

After much deliberation, we decided to name him Tony.
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I like our Black & Decker 18-Volt Pivoting-Nose Cordless Handheld Vacuum. Easy to use, easy to empty.
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I don't have a suggestion about vaccums, but I have a corgi as well and we started putting a squirt of salmon oil into his food and it has minimized his shedding significantly and he's super soft. We had to slowly introduce it into his diet though because the first time we did it, we put a full squirt in and he got the runs.
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Response by poster: Looks like the most votes were for the Shark, and there were very positive reviews on epinions as well. I ordered it from Amazon with "super-saver" (aka super-slow) shipping, and I'll make sure to report back once it's arrived. Thanks for all your help!
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Response by poster: Also, spec80, I took her to the vet today because she has been really itchy and he diagnosed her with allergies, and one of the things he gave us was fish oil. Sounds like you're on to something!
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone who gave their opinions. The Shark is working out well. I also favorited kate blank's comment about the cordless-ness, because I agree that it makes vacuuming a whole lot easier. Especially since I plan to use it in my car (at some point, when I get around to it!)
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