Help me finding a writing group
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In a variation on the first question I posted to AskMe, I'm looking for a resource that'd help me find local, actually-meet-and-talk-to-people writing groups. My searching skills are apparently flaccid and small. I mean, I live in a freaking college town, I should be innundated with such activities. And yet no luck. Any ideas on where I might find these elusive groups?
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Check out your local library. Seriously. I went to my tiny branch library right next door to me to ask, only to discover a writer's group met at that location every 2 weeks.
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Hmm. I like this question, for Chicago. I even tried Craigslist.
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Roll your own. Put up flyers with your phone number and ask your library/church/significant other for some space. There's nothing magic about writing groups, someone just needs to be the instigator.
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Sign up for NaNoWriMo and look for local events.
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Also check with the local used bookstores, even if just for flyers posted about the groups you're looking for. My local used bookstore has a writer's group that meets in the office spaces upstairs from the bookstore.
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Are you actually in school? If so, most universities have a catalogue of all the student organizations where you should be able to find something.
Also, check on LiveJournal for local communities and post asking your exact question. Members of said community might be able to point you in the right direction.
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