Online currency exchange?
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Anyone here have experience ordering foreign currency online? I know I'm over-preparing for my four day trip to Montreal, but I'd really like to have some CAD in hand when I get there. I'm sorta too lazy to find a bank around here that will do it for me...
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The bank machines in the Montreal airport will probably take your bank card. The rates might not be the best, but it is by far the easiest option.
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There will be a Bureau de Change at the airport.
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Any Canadian ATM will take your card and dispense Canadian currency and the rates are generally very fair. However, be warned that my bank, at least, charges a $5 fee for each foreign withdrawal. For that reason I tend to do one or two big withdrawals per trip rather than many small ones.

Have fun! Montreal is one of my very favorite cities.
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If you're close enough to any Federal Reserve Bank (there's one in Philly), they'll exchange as much as you'd like without any additional percentage for fees. At least, that's the case in Boston's.
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Seconding using an ATM. Your bank might have a relationship with a Canadian bank saving you from access fees, for example, Bank of America and Scotiabank are in the Global ATM Alliance.
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in addition to using an atm, which has worked fine for me, if you are traveling by bus it is likely to let you out within eyesight of some sort of currency exchange booth. at least that has been my experience the three or four times i have been to montreal.
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Any Canadian ATM will take your card and dispense Canadian currency

Well, not any Canadian ATM. Many of them will, but last time I visited Vancouver there were a number of standalone ATMs that would not recognize my card. Any ATM attached to a major bank should be OK, though.
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I've never been a customer of a bank that wouldn't order foreign money for me. You shouldn't have to look any harder than your local branch.

I wouldn't buy it online, 'cause I wouldn't want them shipping me cash. That's just a straight up stupid move.
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If you'd really rather avoid the atm option, you can order online for pickup at your departure airport. Travelex have branches at most major US airports and usually offer a reasonable deal on online purchases. I would not recommend just walking into the airport and buying currency, as that's usually guaranteed to get the shittiest rate going.
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Best answer: I ordered some from Wells Fargo and they sent it to the address on my account via overnight FedEx.
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