'A Different World' does not count
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Can you recommend a great novel set at a historically black American college?
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I think "Invisible Man" starts out at a direct allegory for a famous black college. Can't remember which one though.
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Yes, Invisible Man starts out with the narrator attending a college that is a thinly-veiled version of Tuskegee University.
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3rding invisible man.

also, The Great Debaters is based on an article in American Legacy which might or might not be interesting.
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Pearl Cleage's Some Things I Never Thought I'd Do is set at Morehouse College among other places.

If This World Were Mine by E. Lynn Harris is about a group of friends who meet at Hampton Institute (now Hampton University). I think a couple of Harris's other books depict HBCU life in passing.
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Not quite what you wanted, but perhaps The Intuitionist would be worth your time.

Most of the action takes place post-BA, and nothing in it is, technically, real. However, there are some academe-style intrigues.
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