Hitchike with dogs
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I would like to hitch hike around England with my two standard poodles. They are gorgeous and well behaved and I am not a hippie freak (any more) Im an ok looking matron type. Any thoughts? Thanks
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Dogs coming into the UK from outside the EU may be subject to quarantine in order to prevent the spread of rabies, depending on whether or not certain criteria are met. I don't know the rules, but you should check this website to find out if you would be affected (I think you would be though).
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This may be different in England, but in the U.S., having a dog would make it pretty hard for a hitch hiker to get picked up. Having two would make it damn near impossible. Plus dogs are generally not allowed on buses or trains, so there goes your alternative. YMMV.
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I think its possible, but to consistently require a stranger to allow two dogs in their car seems a little like wishful thinking. This does remind me though of Tony Hawks: Round Ireland with a Fridge, wherein on a bet he did manage to make it mostly around ireland with a fridge. Fortunately for him though, he was a radio personality beforehand and used his publicity to help him get rides.
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I don't know how likely it would be to get picked up while hitchhiking if you're travelling with two dogs, so I can't comment on that. However, dogs are typically allowed on buses and trains, though operating companies reserve the right the refuse you if they feel you're causing an obstruction/problem. Oh, and they need to be on a lead, and preferably on the smaller side to boot.
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If you can get the dogs into the country, you'd probably be better off finding a car rental company that will let you drive with the dogs in the car. My SO rented a car in Scotland and got the hang of driving on the "wrong" side pretty quickly. Trying to travel with dogs in another country, get to places with hotels/hostels/whatever that will accept guests with dogs, and do this all by hitchhiking strikes me as too many variables.
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Best answer: if you can get the dogs into the country then using public transport shouldn't a problem, however hitch-hiking with two dogs might be. As others have suggested either rent a car or use public transport.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful time, whatever you decide to do.
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I don't know anything at all about how safe it would or wouldn't be for you, but my dog is with me constantly (sitting in the car with me as I drive) and I sometimes think (just to keep prepared) what I would do if the car broke down or we had an accident, how would I keep her safe, how would I carry her, how far we could walk, etc.

I also try to keep it in my head where the nearest veterinary clinics are in relation to where I am, just in case. I was going to say keep a list of that kind of info, but I suppose you could just pull it up on your phone if needed.
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You'd better prepare for some very long waits by the side of the road.

Just for a data point, I wouldn't pick up anybody with one dog, let alone two.
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Best answer: I've hitched around Britain (without dog) and also give rides most any time someone wants one when I'm driving. I might be reluctant to pick up a hitcher who had two dogs. Bear in mind that it rains quite often in England: wet dogs would make getting rides tough.
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Best answer: You are unlikely to get many lifts with the dogs. People love dogs here, but they will generally be travelling with their own ones and so will be understandably reluctant to add new dogs to the mix.

There will be exceptions but you need to understand the UK car culture. Young guys here will HP a luxury car while living in a practical shoebox or with Mum & Dad. The repayments on the car can be X many times what they pay in rent and they will wash it every Sunday and get road rage if you look cross-eyed at it. Most other people here are quite car concious, so the dogs may be an issue even if they contemplate giving a lone woman a life, matronly or not.

There was a scam a few years ago, with female hitchhickers that kind of screwed it for genuine hitchhickers so I wouldn't honestly recommend it.

That said, if you get here, please get in touch. I'm on the South coast and I'd happily get you from here to somewhere else just because questions like yours are why I love Metafilter.
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I wouldn't pick anybody up if they had dogs. Too much hassle. Have to stop for them to pee, etc.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for your excellent ideas,
I think the rental car suggestion is a win win. My dogs are excelleint,experienced travelers
and make us many more friends than I do.
I will probably come over in early Sept..Start in London, then head north to do an adult puppet show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (we were a big hit two years ago-without dogs.
Thanks again for taking the time to help me
If any of you are as dog dedicated as I am and would like to meet up somewhere along the way get in touch. Let's do lunch..I,m partial to the Ploughmans.
Thanks again
Linn Da Palmer NH
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