How to two-way sync google calendar with outlook 2002, Entourage, or iCal?
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Are there any free options for two-way syncing my work calendar (either Outlook 2002, Entourage for OS X, or iCal) with my google calendar?

I have both a mac and pc at work both of which have my work calendar, so I can synch from either one. On the pc I'm running Outlook 2002 (which means I can't use google sync because it only works for 2003/2007) and on my Mac I'm using Entourage and have it set to sync with iCal.

I have my google calendar set to sync with my iphone (thanks to google's new push contacts/calendar sync) and need a way to sync either of my work calendars with google calendar so I can achieve all in one program nirvana and stop forgetting my upcoming meetings.

So far it looks like Nuevasync is out because I'm already using google's exchange server on my phone. And it looks like Plaxo doesn't do two-way sync with gcal. Are there any other free options, or alternatively, and excellent paid apps that will suit my needs?
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Best answer: gCal can sync directly with iCal using CalDav.

It has some limitations, but it works. I've been using Busysync which ain't free but is cheap enough to sync my calendar and my wife's to each other and to gCal.
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Response by poster: gCal actually does not two-way sync with CalDav, it only pushes your google calendar data into iCal, it won't let you push any of your other iCal calendars back to gCal.

Busysync, however, did the trick! I'm still looking for a free app if it exists, but thanks for the tip!
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Sorry about the bum steer re CalDav. But yeah, I've been quite pleased with Busysync. It's a little fussy to set up, but it's been rock steady for me.
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