Cross Country Boots Flaking Out
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I have a pair of old 75mm Nordic Norm cross country ski boots. They're leather on the lower half and 'foamy' synthetic on the upper half. The problem is, the 'foamy' synthetic is supposed to be covered with some kinda of vinyl, but like most older xc boots, it seems that the coating has flaked off of my boots. Is there anyway I can make this foamy section weatherproof? Can I stop continued flaking?
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I'd just get a good pair of gortex gaiters. They'll improve the warmth a bit as well. Why not a new old pair of boots? Ski areas have great second hand shops for used gear.
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Response by poster: I've tried to pick up an new old pair, but every other pair I've found is flaking out too!
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I'm really reaching here, but what about Plasti-Dip ? It's designed for coating tool handles, but that's hardly the only use for it! I haven't done this personally, but I know that you can thin it out (with acetone or something equally exciting) to get something you can apply with a brush. Repairing vinyl is not easy, but you might have some luck looking around vinyl upholstery repair sites. If anyone is going to have something specific to the job, it's them.
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